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Say hello to 50 million potential customers with our lease to own programs.

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3 Risk-Free Ways to Sell More!

Lease to Own Online Marketplace

Sell on by adding your product feed to our selection of top brands.

  • No listing fees
  • No customer acquisition cost

Lease to Own Payment Method

Use FlexShopper as a payment method in your online checkout process.

  • Easy & seamless API integration
  • No processing fees

Lease to Own In-Store Retail

Use FlexShopper as a third party funding source in your retail store.

  • Zero-paperwork lease process
  • Turn-key system for easy integration

Benefits for etailers and retailers

Incremental Sales

50 million potential customers with no cash or bad credit.


100% of retail price paid by FlexShopper. No setup fees.

Fast & Automated

Instant spending limit for customers.Next day funds available.


View sales, customers & profits in personalized Merchant Portal.

Hear it from our merchants

Our merchants come in all shapes and sizes. But they share one thing in common - a need to generate incremental sales and new customers.

"We have had success in our retail store and on FlexShopper's marketplace so it made sense to adopt their payment method, capture more sales and serve consumers that would like a lease-to-own option."
Ahron Schachter
Marketing Director
Kiss Electronics
"Our store sales have gone up almost 20% with using FlexShopper! We’re able to sell to customers who normally couldn’t afford electronics. It has been a game changer. It's easy and FlexShopper takes care of the rest!"
Stephen Betesh
Owner - Kiss Electronics

About FlexShopper

FlexShopper is an innovative financial and technology company, disrupting the Lease-to-Own (LTO) industry by migrating the proven brick and mortar LTO model into the digital age.

We are an eCommerce marketplace and payment method for up to 50 million consumers that do not have sufficient cash or credit to buy durable goods.

We enable merchants to sell to this "sub-prime" demographic by offering affordable payment solutions on a vast selection of durable goods. By using our technology platforms, merchants increase their sales with no risk because FlexShopper pays 100% of the retail price. The consumer also wins because they can ultimately shop online or in stores for what they want, where they want.

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